IH cooker

DI-223IH Cooker Picco

User-friendly Small IH cooker


  • Mode setting for various recipes
  • Easy-to-use simple operation
  • 7 safety designs
  • Easy-to-clean flat top plate

IH cooker "Pico" smaller than A4 size Cooking is possible while using the tabletop extensively.
 It is easy and economical because it does not use fire like a cassette stove.
Recommended for those who live alone.

Mode setting according to cooking

Easy operation

Easy operation with 4 buttons.
You can also switch the operation sound ON/OFF.

7 safety designs

The surface of the IH is very hot after cooking, so do not touch it unintentionally.

Equipped with a safety function that notifies you with a high temperature warning display 
 As seven safety designs are given Even beginners can use it with confidence.

Flat shape allows dirt to be wiped off quickly

matte top plate Not only does it create a relaxing atmosphere, Dirt and fingerprints are less noticeable.

Product specifications

Product size
Product weight
1500g(Including power cord)
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Cord length
Heating mode (power)
5 levels
(1: Average 200W* 2:400W 3:600W 4:800W 5:1000W)
※ Intermittent operation
Constant temperature mode(temperature)
5 levels
Barcode number
DI-223BK:4536117 034547

Operating Instructions