IH cooker

DI-218IH Cooker “minitura”

Something new compact IH cooker


  • its diameter is shorter than 500 ml PET bottles
  • Available pan size: 10 to 14 cm in diameter at the bottom *8 cm can only be used for iron kettles.
  • 8 levels of thermal power control
  • Can be used in a variety of situations
  • 6 safety designs
  • Easy-to-clean flat top plate

IH cooker smaller than a 500ml PET bottle

Pot bottom about 10 to 14 cm available
*8cm can only be used for iron kettles

8 levels of heat control

A simple function that only heats and cooks.
We adopted a dial that makes it easy to adjust the heat like a cassette stove.

Can be used in various situations

No need to start fire or dispose of ash.
When you want to enjoy camping easily!

Flat shape allows dirt to be wiped off quickly

Product specifications

Product size
Product weight
1.3kg(Including power cord)
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Cord length
Heating mode (power)
8 levels 100W〜800W
*The thermal power 100W and 200W are the average values from intermittent operation and are different from the actual values.
Barcode number
DI-218BK:4536117 035612

Operating Instructions