IH cooker

DI-217IH Cooker “Piccolino”

Compact IH cooker smaller than A4 size


  • Slim body can be stand vertical and stored in small space / Flat design that can be wiped off easily even if it gets dirty
  • 7 safe designs pan detection function & Auto off function
  • Operation sound ON/OFF switchable
  • Maximum output can be switched according to the situation of use (Save function: 1000 W/700 W/450 W)
  • Heating: adjustable in 10 steps (100~1000W)
  • Constant temperature cooking: adjustable in 5℃ increments

Enjoy hot food on the table

IH cooker "Piccolino" smaller than A4 size.
Compact size that does not take up much space and is easy to cook even if placed on a table for living alone!
You can enjoy cooking and eating while using the tabletop extensively.

The size of the pot bottom that can be used is about 10 to 16 cm, which is just the right size for boiling a kettle, preparing breakfast, making soup, etc.
Being able to cook on the tabletop is convenient when you want to eat freshly prepared food or reheat cold food.

IH cookers can cook without using fire, so they are recommended for those who want to cook easily.

〜Product Details〜

The glass top makes it easy to wipe off dirt.

Uses a safe magnetic plug.
Even if you accidentally get caught in the cord, you can easily remove it for safety.

You can switch the operation sound ON/OFF.

It can be neatly stored in the space of a shelf.

Product specifications

Product size
W223× D151 × H180mm
Product weight
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Maximum capacity
Cord length
Barcode number
PO-129WT:4536117 017953
PO-129BK:4536117 017960

Operating Instructions