HM-804Hand blender “Cook Stick”

Supports cooking widely with 4 roles


  • No need force, easy to use for women.
  • Useful to various recipe with 2 kinds of speed.
  • Includes plastic guard to prevents damage the container.
  • Dedicated cup with nonslip silicone easy to fix.

A hand blender that allows you to quickly prepare everyday dishes

A popular hand blender that allows you to easily mix and crush ingredients.
A versatile hand blender with a chopper and whipper .
You can now make chopped vegetables and fluffy fresh cream, making it suitable for a wide range of dishes.
Not only does it make time-consuming tasks easier, but it also saves time, making everyday cooking easier.
Recommended for mothers making baby food or as a gift.

Lightweight and easy to handle, even for women,without the need for force

Easy to hold stick type

Crushing and mixing, which is difficult to do by hand, is easy with a hand blender!
It's a stick type so it's easy to hold and you just have to squeeze it lightly.
You can make smoothies and baby food without using any force .
The stick type is not only easy to handle, but also does not take up much space when stored.
You can either stand it upright or remove the main body and blender part for storage.

A great product that performs 4 steps

Set of blender, chopper, whipper, and special cup

A great product that can be used not only as a blender, but also as a chopper and whipper.
Just change the main unit according to the dish you want to make.
It can perform four functions: crushing, mixing, chopping, and whisking.

Expand your cooking repertoire with this one device

Mash and mix! Great for baby food

Recommended for making pasty baby food

Crushing, mixing, and chopping are essential for making food for your baby.
With a hand blender, you can quickly make ground porridge, vegetable mash, paste, etc.

Can be used directly in the pot for easy preparation

You can also make smoothies and dressings with the included cup.

You can cook by putting the blender directly into a pot or bowl.
Not only can you cook food smoothly, but you won't have to do any additional washing.
The blender part is made of plastic material that does not easily scratch the pot.
It also comes with an attached cup that is useful for making smoothies.

〜Product Details〜

You can adjust the speed in 2 stages to suit your cooking needs.

A plastic guard that prevents containers such as bowls from being scratched while mixing.

Comes with a special cup with a maximum capacity of 700ml.
It has rubber on the bottom to prevent slipping.

You can change the main body and use a chopper or whipper.

Product specifications

Product size
Product weight
1500g(Including power cord)
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Cord length
Heating mode (power)
5 levels
(1: Average 200W* 2:400W 3:600W 4:800W 5:1000W)
※ Intermittent operation
Constant temperature mode(temperature)
5 levels
Barcode number
HM-804IV:4536117 027815

Operating Instructions