HM-803Hand Blender

Speed adjustable by 2 steps


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  • Handle easy to grip

Enjoy your favorite dishes at home! Easy hand blender

A hand blender that allows you to easily "crush" and "mix".
Make original smoothies for your health, make dressings of your choice, etc.
You can also make dishes that take time and effort at home.
The stick type makes it easy to hold, and even women can easily squeeze it down.
It can be made in no time and saves time when cooking.
Recommended for mothers making baby food or as a gift.

You can "crush" and "mix" in no time.

Smoothies, soups, and baby food are also easy dishes.

With a hand blender, you can cook dishes that you previously thought were difficult by simply cutting the ingredients into small pieces and mixing them together.
Just this is all you need to make smooth juices and soups.
With this, you can enjoy cooking even if you have never cooked before or are too busy to prepare food.

More than just smoothies! Useful for everyday cooking

Light and easy to hold stick type

2 speed speed switching

Stick type that is easy to handle and hold even for women with small hands.
The grip part is recessed so you can grip it firmly.
It weighs about 600g,so it doesn't feel heavy.
Equipped with a function that allows you to change the rotation speed according to the ingredients.
There are two levels,normal and turbo mode, and you can easily switch between them with the push of a switch.

Since it is a stick type, you can place it upright in the kitchen or use it with the main unit.
The blender part can be removed and stored.

〜Product Details〜

Just press the switch to operate!
The blade rotates while you press it, and stops when you release it.

A plastic guard that prevents scratches on bowls and other containers while mixing.

Comes with a special cup with a maximum capacity of 700ml.
It has rubber on the bottom to prevent slipping.

Product specifications

Product size
Product weight
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Rated time
Cord length
Dedicated cup capacity
Barcode number
HM-803IV:4536117 025620
HM-803RD【End of sale】:4536117 025637

Operating Instructions