IH cooker

DI-120IH cooker “Large”

It will expand the range of your recipes


  • Mode setting for various recipes
  • Simple operation with large buttons
  • 6 safety designs
  • Easy-to-clean flat top plate

Great for a variety of situations, such as boiling hot pots, soups, and coffee pots!

The maximum output is 1400W, which is a high heat power, so you can also cook stir-fried and deep-fried foods.

It can be used on the table, so it solves the problem of having a small kitchen!

Mode settings to suit your cooking

Easy operation with large buttons

Easy to operate with large buttons, recommended for first-time users!

You can also turn off the operation sound and alarm sound by holding down the "-" button for more than 2 seconds.

6 safety designs

Flat shape allows dirt to be wiped off easily

Matte and flat shape allows dirt to be wiped off immediately.

Easier to clean compared to gas stoves!

Product specifications

Product size
Product weight
2700g(Power cord included)
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Cord length
Heating mode (power)
100※・200※・400※・600※・800・1000・1200・1400W (8 steps)
※Power1~4: Intermittent operation
Constant temperature mode(temperature)
120・130・140・150・160・170・180・190・200℃ (9 steps)
Heat insulation mode(temperature)
30〜90℃ by 5℃
Timer set time
Heating mode: 1minute~2hours by 1minute
Heat insulation mode: 1minute~12hours by 1 minute
Dedicated power cord
Barcode number
DI-120BK:4536117 034271

Operating Instructions