Useful in several ways! Digital scale with openable platform


  • Can weigh large objects with the openable platform
  • The direction of the platform can be changed, useful for measuring long objects
  • Printed measure for measure the thickness of the objects
  • Tare function
  • Gravity-acceleration correction
  • Auto off function to save battery life
  • Hole for hanging
  • *NOT for commerce or certification

Leave the weighing of packages and envelopes to us!

When weighing items such as parcels and envelopes, you can set the weighing pan upright so you don't have to worry about the screen being hidden.

Also for weighing things that roll easily!

The weighing pan has grooves, so even objects that roll easily can be weighed stably.
In addition, since the weighing pan rotates, you can easily measure long items!

〜Product Details〜

It has a scale that is convenient for measuring the thickness of mail and parcels.

With the 0 display function, you can subtract the weight of the container and measure the weight of the contents only, Additional weighing is possible.

If there is no operation for about 4 minutes, the power will automatically turn off.
It is safe even if you forget to turn off the power after use.

It can be stored upright in a small space such as a shelf.


Product specifications

Product size
Product weight
AAA battery 2pcs
Minimum unit
Measurable range
Auto power off
Barcode number
KS-737BE:4536117 041576
For non-transactions and proofs

Operating Instructions