SW-123Stopwatch“SPIEL L”

Usable anytime, anywhere - multifunctional stopwatch


  • Back light
  • IPX7 water proof rating
  • Measurement up to 1/100 second accuracy. Lap/Split time function. 100 Memories
  • Timer function / Count function
  • Clock function (Time, Date and Alarm)
  • Operation sound on / off
  • Neck strap

Built-in backlight

A stopwatch with a large screen (W39 x H41mm). 
 In addition to the basic functions, a backlight function that is easy to see even in the dark has been added.
It is easy to see even outdoors at night or in a dark room.

IPX7 waterproof specification

As the body is IPX7 waterproof, It is safe even if you accidentally drop it in the water.
If the main body gets dirty, you can quickly wash it off with water.

Stopwatch function


Timer function/count function


Clock function



Since ON / OFF switching of the operation sound is possible, It can also be used in places where you do not want to make noise.


Product specifications

Product size
Product weight
70g(Including battery)
Lithium battery CR2032 1pc
Maximum measurement time
Wrap / split : 9 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds
Maximum set time
Timer : 9 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds (countdown)
Maximum number of records
Wrap / split : 100
Maximum count
99999 times
Alarm sounding time
30 sec
Operating temperature range
1 year
Back light
Lights up for approx. 5 seconds after button operation
Waterproof specification
JIS C0920 IPX7
※IPX7: Even if the product is kept at the bottom for about 30 minutes in a tank 1m deep at normal temperature tap water and static water, the product will not be flooded and will function as a stopwatch.
Barcode number
SW-123BK:4536117 036183

Operating Instructions