Learning timer

T-601Study egg

Study and have a break in well balance!




  • Can manage your study time and break time
  • You can tell study time from break time by the moving icon
  • Alarm switching function (silent/small/large)
  • Notify the time with LED light & alarm
  • Count up: study time
  • Countdown: study time, break time
  • Clock function with alarm (24-hour display)
  • Repeat function
  • Cute egg shape

Are you managing your time?

Do you set aside time to study?

 You can improve your concentration by setting a good balance between study time and break time.
With Study egg, you can manage both study time and break time together.

Perfectly manage study time and break time with one device!


With moving icons, you can see the difference between study time and break time at a glance!

Since the time setting is done from the break time, you can set the study time and start the countdown as it is.
When study time is over, you will be notified with an alarm and an LED lamp!

When you stop the alarm, the break time countdown begins.

You can even set it to mute!


Since the volume setting can be changed in 3 levels of silent, low, and high,
it can be used in places such as libraries where sound cannot be emitted.

Even as an alarm clock!

When not using it as a timer, it can also be used as a clock.
It also has an alarm function, so you can use it as an alarm clock.

Round and cute egg shape

The rounded egg shape is cute♪

There are three colors, white, green, and purple.
It is also recommended as a gift for entrance to school or promotion.



Product specifications

Product size
Product weight
AAA battery 2pcs
Approximately one year (30 seconds alarm sounded)
Display method
4 digits of liquid crystal digital
Maximum set time
99 minutes 59 seconds
Count up maximum measurement time
99 minutes 59 seconds
Operating temperature range
Clock precision
± 30 seconds difference per month
Alarm sounding time
Barcode number
T-601WT:4536117 041828
T-601GN:4536117 041835
T-601PP:4536117 041842

Operating Instructions