Learning timer

T-593Easy-to-read learning timer

Learning timer made easier to see on large screen than the conventional products


  • Large screen
  • Notify the time with LED light & alarm
  • Alarm ON/OFF switching function (10 seconds, silence)
  • Key lock to prevent malfunction
  • With clock function (12-hour AM/PM display)
  • Repeat function
  • Turning count up function



A strong ally for important exams and test studies

Isn't there a lot of people who measure the time before an important exam or test, assuming the actual performance?
Set the test time, set the timer, and end when the timer goes off. 

With this timer, when the set time passes, it will switch to count up, If you can't solve it in time, you can measure how long it took you.

The color blue is said to have a calming effect.
So that you can concentrate on your studies Uses a blue LED to tell you the time.


Easy-to-read screen

The screen is tilted at 45 degrees, making it easy to see on the desk while studying.


Product specifications

Product size
Product weight
AAA battery 2pcs
Approximately one year (10 seconds x 1 day twice alarm sounded)
Display method
5 digits of liquid crystal digital
Maximum set time
199 minutes 50 seconds
Count up maximum measurement time
199 minutes 59 seconds
Operating temperature range
Clock precision
± 30 seconds difference per month
Alarm sounding time
Barcode number
T-593WT:4536117 037838

Operating Instructions