HM-810Hand Blender “Dele Stick”

Supports cooking widely with 4 roles


  • Blender, whipper, and chopper can be changed easily.
  • Includes plastic guard to prevents damage the container.
  • The lid of the chopper bottle can be used for temporary saving of ingredients, and can be used as slip resistance.
  • No need force, easy to use for women.
  • Can be used for various recipes with 2 speeds.
  • The chopper blade with safety cap.

4 in 1 blender! Expand your cooking variety.

By replacing the included 'blender', 'whipper' and 'chopper', you can easily crush, blend, whip and chop.

Designed for ease of use.

Easy to handle and hold, even for small hands!
Rotation speed can be adjusted in two stages according to the ingredients.
The speed can be switched using the switch at hand, and it operates only while the switch is pressed.
It is also easy to grip as it is necked at the switch.

Easy installation and removal by simply twisting.

A chopper cover is provided for safe storage.

Product specifications

Product size
When using a blender :W63×D63×H377mm
Product weight
Body + blender :550g
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
When using a blender chopper : 200 W
When using a whipper : 60 W
(Power consumption varies depending on hardness and amount of ingredients cooked)
Rated time
When using a blender chopper : 1 min
When using a whipper : 3 min
Cord length
Dedicated cup capacity
Barcode number
HM-810WT:4536117 043419

Operating Instructions