IH cooker

DI-228BKSETBanko Ware earthen pot & IH cooker set for rice cooking

Winner of the 2022 Mie Good Design Award! Earthen pot rice cooks automatically!

Banko Ware earthen pot

IH cooker set for rice cooking

  • Banko Ware Gimmi rice pot: Heat conductivity close to that of an open flame by baking real silver
  • Banko Ware Gimmi rice pot: Highly heat-resistant and durable Yokkaichi Banko Ware
  • Banko Ware Gimmi rice pot: Open flame compatible
  • IH cooker: Easy operation, just add ingredients and set.
  • IH cooker: Automates everything from soaking to heating and steaming in a unique rice cooking mode
  • IH cooker: compact size

Product specifications

Product size
Silver flavored: rice pot:Φ21.5×H13cm
IH cooker:W18.5×D19.5×H5.5cm
Product weight
Gimmi rice pot for cooking 2 cups (=approx. 300g) (pot & lid):1.6kg
IH cooker (Power cord):1.3kg
Silver flavored:pottery
IH cooker:PA66 resin, heat-resistant glass
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Cord length
Heating mode (power)
8 levels 100〜800W
Safe function
Pot detection, small item detection, over-heat prevention, forget-to-turn-off prevention, high-temperature caution display, forget-to-unplug prevention, magnetic plug
Country of manufacture
Silver flavored rice pot:made in Japan
IH cooker:made in China
Barcode number
DI-228BKSET:4536117 041644

Operating Instructions