Salt meter

EN-905RSalt meter

Waterproof salt meter that measures up to 5%


  • Measure the salinity by 0.1% up to 5%
  • Waterproof, washable whole
  • Environment-friendly packaging (certificated by FSC)

Check salt content before eating

Have you ever paid attention to salt content in your daily diet?
With the Salt Control Meter, you can check the salt content numerically.
Aim for a healthy diet by measuring salt content without just relying on your sense of taste!

Measured in 0.1% increments

Well-seasoned stews and other dishes tend to have a high salt content.
It is very useful with its fine measurement in 0.1% increments!

Entirely washable and waterproof

IPX7(*3) waterproof specification, so it can be used with wet hands.
Also, the main unit can be washed with water even if it gets dirty, so it can be kept clean.
*3 IPX7 means that the product can be quietly submerged in tap water at room temperature and in a tank of still water at a depth of 1 m and remain at the bottom of the tank for approximately 30 minutes without being submerged inside the main unit, and the performance as a salinity meter is maintained.

〜How to use〜

When the power button is pressed, "8.8" is displayed, followed by "-. -" will flash.

Place the sensor (the two metal parts) in well-stirred soup or other liquids until it is completely immersed in the liquid.

Press the power button again,and the salinity will be displayed in about 3 seconds.


Product specifications

Product size
Product weight
Lithium battery CR2032 1pc
Waterproof specification
JIS C 0920 IPX7
Measuring method
Conductivity measurement method
Display method
2 digits of liquid crystal digital
Minimum unit
Heat-resistant temperature
Operating temperature and humidity range
0℃〜40℃ 85% RH or less (without condensation)
Measurement range
Temperature of measuring object
Auto power off
1 min
Barcode number
EN-905RIV:4536117 043204

Operating Instructions