Salt meter

EN-901Digital salt meter

For checking of salinity concentration by digital numberical values


  • Measure salt concentration in increments of 0.1%.
  • Easy-to-read digital display.
  • Determine the concentration level in 6 steps.
  • Seasoning judgment in 3 stades.
  • Measurement time about 5 secounds.
  • Hook for hanging
  • Battery included for operation confirmation (Litium battery CR2032 1pc)

Only 1 second! Check salt concentration before eating

Have you ever been concerned about the salt content of miso soup that you usually eat casually?
The salt meter displays the number and concentration in just 1 second after dipping it into the miso soup.
Since it is difficult to determine the concentration of salt with just one's own taste, it is important to
Let's check the concentration and take something that is easy on the body.


A finer value can be measured in units of 0.1%.

Easy-to-understand digital display

This salt meter displays three measurement results: "measured value", "concentration level" and "seasoning judgment".
Because it is digital, it is easy to see and can display fine values ​​in units of 0.1%.
Paying attention to even the tiniest amount can make a big difference in your salt intake (see below).
As a guideline for salt concentration, it is recommended for those who are concerned about salt and those with high blood pressure.


How to use

Press the power button to turn on the power.

If the measurement sensor is caught in a well-stirred soup, etc.
Add until completely submerged .

If you press the power button once again ,
Salinity concentration is displayed.

〜Product Details〜

With auto power off function that automatically turns off
Don't worry if you forget to turn off the power.

Compact and easy to carry.
Measurements can be made at the touch of a button.

Since it has a hook hole, you don't have to worry about cleaning up after use.

Product specifications

Product size
Product weight
Lithium battery CR2032 1pc
Measuring method
Conductivity measurement method
Display method
2 digits of liquid crystal digital
Operating temperature and humidity range
0℃〜+50℃ 80% RH or less (without condensation)
Measurement range
Barcode number
EN-901WT:4536117 022872

Operating Instructions