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  • YM-100WT YM-100WT


Easy operation – put the ingredients in and push the button.

  • Easy operation – just put the ingredients in and push the button.
  • You can set the milk carton of 500ml & 1000ml to set the ingredients
  • Range of the temperature adjustment: 25℃~70℃
  • It can make Greek yogurt with the attached drainer.
  • The timer can be set by 1 hour, up to 48 hours.
  • It can make fermented food with the specialized cup. (Amazake, Salted rice malt, Soy sauce koji, etc…)
Yogurt maker

Healthy diet with homemade yogurt

The yogurt maker is recommendable for families who eat yogurt every day.
It makes store-bought yogurt and milk into ten times amount of yogurt, so it is easy and reasonable.
It also can make various fermented food like amazake, salted rice malt, natto and kimchi, 
using its function of keeping the temperature for long time.
Also you can change the taste by adjusting the time and the temperature.
This is suitable for enjoying healthy diet with family!


Even if you are lazy! You can make a big amount of yogurt easily.

It makes yogurt ten times the amount in 8 hours!

If you have milk and store-bought yogurt, you can make plain yogurt.
Just mix milk and yogurt in the special cup. After that, set the temperature and time, and just wait for completion.
If you want to make it more easily, you can use milk carton instead of the special cup.
If you like Greek yogurt, you can easily make it using the special draining cup.


It is not only for making yogurt, but also low-temperature cooking.

Useful as multi food maker!

It can be used for many other recipes than yogurt, for example roasted beef and pudding.
The detailed setting function enables to make various recipes.


Recipes here!

Drainer cup: useful for making Greece yogurt!


Special cup & drainer cup are included. The special cup has graduation inside.




Product size
Product weight
745g(The specialized cup and the lid included.)
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Code length
Maximum capacity
Temperature control range
Barcode number
YM-100WT:4536117 029291

About the product

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