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  • UC-500WT UC-500WT
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UC-500/UC-600 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine “Soniclear”LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS

Ultrasonic power removes fine stain completely!

  • Easy cleaning for small personal articles
  • Remove stain with shock wave
  • Watch holder bar, useful to clean wrist watch band
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine "Soniclear"
White, Black

Remove fine stain with ultrasonic power!

“Soniclear” is ultrasonic cleaning machine which produces ultrasonic and removes fine stain.
Vibration makes fine air bubbles which permeate between the stain and the surface of objects, and take off the stain.
It can easily clean daily use objects such as lenses and nose pad of glasses, false tooth and cosmetic brush.
It cleans with water, so it is better than wiping with cloth because water does not make damage.



Air bubbles bursts! Remove stain with shock wave

Reach to hidden stain with 43kHz of frecuency

High-speed vibration of 43,000 times per second generates fine bubbles. And the shock wave that emerge at the moment when the bubbles burst crushes fine stain.
It is useful for cleaning of accessories, and it cleans protein stains cleanly. Cleaning is completed within only 5 minutes! You can easily clean articles before going out or when you find the dirt.
If the stain is heavy, use a teaspoon of neutral detergent and it will be easy to fall off.


Useful to wash wrist watch band

Cleaning basket for washing of small objects

Includes cleaning basket for washing of small objects such as neckless and rings. It also protects from damage.
The basket has watch holder bar on whitch a watch can be placed so that only the band can be washed.
※Noble metal with jewerly, and objects with deteriorated metal plating or coating can not washed with this machine. Please confirm it before using.

Around button lights blue while washing. The power turns off automatically in 5 minutes.

  Includes basket to put accessories and wrist watch.



Product size
Product weight
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Ultrasonic frequency
Rated time
Code length
Maximum capacity
Wash basket
Barcode number
UC-500WT : 4536117 027686
UC-600BK : 4536117 031539

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