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  • TT-100WT TT-100WT

TT-101 Intravenous drip timerHEALTHCARE PRODUCTS

Calculate automatically the drip rate and notify the time by sound and light.

  •  Calculate drip rate automatically
  • Timer function, drip function and calculator function
  • Backlight – useful in dark place
  • Convenient string holes (2 places)
Intravenous drip timer

Calculator with drip timer

Item for 2 roles: Calculation of drip & time management

It is a timer specialized in infusion management such as the automatic calculation of dropping rate.
It is easy to manage speed and time of infusion just by entering information.
The LED lamp flashes along it starts, and it notifies with the sound in accordance with the dropping speed. In addition, since the function is gathered with timer, calculator, light, backlight, etc., this one can do many roles.



Vibration & light function

Switchable modes: drip mode, timer mode, calculator mode

“Drip mode” – Convenient to manage patient’s drip rate and time
“Timer mode” – You can set long time up to 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds
“Calculator mode” – Perform various calculations of four operations
Those 3 modes can be easily switched just by pressing the button.

Besides, it has vibrator function, volume change function (large / small / silent) and light function.
It will help you in many scenes with various functions.



User-friendly slim shape

Useful strap for carrying

The vertically long and slim shape is convenient for carrying in pocket or hanging from the neck with the accessory strap.
It has key lock button to prevent malfunction.
Buttons are separated to make the operation easy, so you can use it smartly with one hand.




Buttons designed easy to press. Key lock function included to prevent malfunction.

With backlight – easy to see even at night.  




You can turn the switch of the light just by pushing the button.


Accessory strap for carrying. It has two strap holes.  




Convenient scale on the side.

You can switch the volume and vibe according to the situation.  




Product size
Product weight
Display method
8 digits of liquid crystal digital
Lithium battery CR2032 2pcs
Battery life
6 months (Timer mode · Drip mode 2 hours / day each)
Operating temperature range
Lighting system
Backlight / Light
Notification method
Alarm sound (large / small) / LED flashing / vibrate
Timer function
Alarm sounding time : 1 min
Vibe operation time : 1 min
Maximum set time : 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds
Calculator function
Calculation function : Addition, orthogonal division calculation,
power calculation, arithmetic constant calculation
Display contents : Negative sign (-) · Error (E)
Drip function
Maximum infusion time : 99 hours 59 minutes
Number of drops : Convert to integer by rounding off
Volume change : Loud volume / small volume
(during infusion count · large volume / small volume / no sound volume)
Auto power off
Barcode number
TT-101WT : 4536117 027914

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