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O-700 Thermo/Hygrometer with PM2.5 Monitor “ELMONI”LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS

You can measure the room temperature, humidity and PM2.5 you concern


  • You can measure the room temperature, humidity, PM2.5 you concern
  • PM2.5 level indicator
  • Memorizes & displays maximum and minimum temperature, humidity and PM2.5
  • Backlight LCD display that can adjust the brightness of 4 steps
Thermo/Hygrometer with PM2.5 Monitor "ELMONI"

Good for making a comfort room with air conditioners and air purifiers  

“ELMONI” displays the temperature, humidity and PM2.5

ELMONI is useful for checking the indoor environment such as heatstroke in summer dehydration in winter.
Easy to read digital display with backlight.
Furthermore, it has a built-in sensor that measures PM2.5 and diplays how fine particulate matters are in the air as a numerical value and bar.
It is useful for making a comfort room everyday by using an air conditioner and air purifier while you see the air condition with ELMONI.
It is recommended thermo/hygrometer for facilities and home having babies.

ELMONI digitize the invisible fine particles.

As a measure of air purification.

ELMONI can measure PM2.5, the various particles floating in the air with the sensor.
The enviromental standard value of PM2.5 in Japan is 0 to 35μg/㎥.
PM2.5 is measured high in smoking area and the like, it ranks as level 1~2 which is alert level. In case the value is high, ventilation and using air purifier is needed.

Video of Thermo/Hygrometer with PM2.5 Monitor “ELMONI” here


Connects to any PC/laptop and portable battery charger via USB, or can connect to a AC port with a USB AC adapter included.

You can use ELMONI as AC adapter inserts into outlet


You can adjust the brightness of screen with 4 steps. You get to read easily turning on the backlight.

You can set MAX/MIN TEMP., Humidity and PM2.5 and Calendar/Clock. 


Product size
Product weight
Power source
Measurement interval
PM 2.5 : 10 sec
(Measurement value is the average of cumulative values for 90 seconds)
Temperature / humidity : 10 sec
Display range
Barcode number
O-700WT: 4536117 027563

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