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O-320 Analog Thermo-Hygrometer「Optive」LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS

Suitable temperature for each scene or purpose can be seen at a glance.

  • The suitable temperature for each user can be set by turning the bezel.
  • Convenient stand & hook hole for hanging
  • Analog type – easy to read, no need battery
  • Slim (19mm) & light
  • Universal font – easy to read for any people
  • Detachable stand
  • The hook hole can be put in the main body
Analog Thermo-Hygrometer「Optive」

Analog type – useful for agriculture and kitchen garden


Includes function of setting the suitable temperature

The thermo / hygrometer “Optive” is recommendable for cultivation, gardening and management of room environment for pets.
We focused on the difference of the suitable temperature depending on the type of plants, and developed the product which can be set the range of suitable temperature freely. It has a bezel around the scale and it can be turned to left and right. By setting the suitable temperature according to the type of plants and animals, the management of room environment will be more comfortable.
It doesn’t need batteries, and it is easy to use for anywhere like vinyl house or room.

Includes stand & hook hole for hanging – useful in any place

To make it easier to see the display even from a distance, it is designed in large size with a diameter of 16 cm. It includes a stand and hook hole for hanging to make it useful in various scene – not only in house, but also in schools or vinyl houses.


The stand & hook hole for hanging make it useful in many places.


The hook hole is to be pulled out to use. It can be hung on hooks or suspended with string.


Product size
Product weight
Measurement method
Bimetallic system
1 scale
Temperature:1 ℃
Rotating bezel movable range
Operating temperature range
Humidity measurement range
Temperature accuracy
Other range:±2.0℃
Humidity accuracy
40~70%:± 8%RH (20~25℃ at room temperature)
Other range:± 10%RH
Barcode number
O-320WT:4536117 029253

About the product

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