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O-295 Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer “LUMIRE”LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS

Warning lump which you can see clearly with the color of the light


  • Warning lump which you can see clearly with the color of the light
  • You can switch the lump ON/OFF
  • With convenient stand
  • You can see the standard of the risk of heat stroke and influenza
Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer "LUMIRE"
White, Pink, Blue



Thermometer and hygrometer as the standard of room condition

Recommendable for families with baby or elderly people

It displays the temperature and the humidity which are difficult to detect for human, so it is useful to know the room condition.
It is useful especially for families with baby or elderly people who have difficulty to control the body temperature.
Not only it is easy to see on a big screen but also it has a function to notify whether it is an environment susceptible to heat stroke or influenza, so the timing of adjusting the temperature and humidity is easy to understand.

Notify the standard of risk to get heat stroke and influenza

Clearly visible at a glance with the color lump

The blue and green light notify the standard of risk of influenza and heatstroke.
The lump let you be careful about the room condition and use apparatus such as air conditioner or humidfilter.
The lump can be turned off with the switch on the back side, so you can use as simple thermometer and hygrometer too.

Video of Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer “LUMIRE” here


Convenient stand and hook for hanging.

Notify the standard of risk by colors
Blue: Influenza
Green and red: Heatstroke


The alert lump can be switched ON/OFF with the button on the back side.

Use 2 batteries of size AAA.


Product size
Product weight
AAA battery 2pcs
Display range
Temperature accuracy
Other range:±2.0℃
Humidity accuracy
Other range:±10%
Barcode number
O-295WT:4536117 028881
O-295PK:4536117 029321
O-295BL:4536117 029338

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