• SD-907WT
  • SD-907WT SD-907WT

SD-907 Auto soap dispenserHEALTHCARE PRODUCTS

Just hold hand! Soap comes out in foam automatically

  • Automatic hand foam, no need to touch the main body, so it’s hygienic
  • LED lights up while the bubble is coming out
  • The remaining amount can be seen at a glance with the transparent tank
  • Foaming type – easy to wash hands
  • Just remove the battery cover, easy to replace the battery
  • When replenishing the hand soap, you can put the main unit upside down, so the nozzle will not get dirty and it’s sanitary
  • The tank can be detached for washing
Auto soap dispenser

Bottle type for use in kitchen, washbasin, or bathroom

Your hands are full of invisible bacteria when coming home or after touching meat and fish for cooking.
So you may not want to touch to the soap bottle with dirty hands to wash them.
This soap dispenser is excellent. Foamed soap comes out just by holding the hand.
With this dispenser you don’t have to touch to anywhere so the cleanliness will be kept.
Get into the habit of washing hands by putting it in the kitchen, the washbasin and the bathroom.

Video of Auto soap dispenser here


The sensor detects the hands and dispenses one dose of soap

Dispenses always same amount, so it’s economical

The sensor detects the hands and dispenses one dose of soap automatically. It dispenses the amount of 1.5 ml which is just right for one dose, so hand washing will be easy. It doesn’t dispense too much, so it’s economical.
On the back side of the body there is the power button, and you can leave the power off when not in use.

Simple design is good to be placed in the washbasin.
The amount of soap remaining can be checked at a glance with the clear bottle.

※ This product is only for foamed type soap.
Dishwashing detergent, liquid cleanser, alcohol disinfectant, viscous liquid, shampoo, liquid hand soap, dilute type hand soap, etc. cannot be used.

The detachable tank makes refilling easy.
Since it is transparent, we can check the remaining amount.

  You can turn it off by pressing the power button on the back side when not in use.

Sensor detects the hand, and foamed soap automatically comes out.

  The LED lamp lights up when turning the power ON/OFF or when the soap is coming out.

Use AAA alkaline batteries (not included).

  It is easy to put in bathroom or kitchen.


Product size
Product weight
340g (battery not included)
AAA battery 4pcs (sold separately)
Drip proof specification
Maximum capacity
Barcode number
SD-907WT : 4536117 026153

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