• SD-904WT
  • SD-904WT SD-904WT

SD-904 Auto soap dispenserHEALTHCARE PRODUCTS

Soap dispenser – soap comes out just by holding hand

  • The soap liquid automatically comes out just by holding hand
  • When not in use you can turn off the power
  • LED lights up while the soap is coming out
  • When the remaining battery charge becomes low, it will notice with LED
  • Tank capacity: approx. 180ml
  • Window to check the amount of soap

※This product is dispenser of liquid soap and hand soap.
     Liquid dish for detergent, liquid cleanser, alcohol disinfectant, viscous liquid,
     Shampoo, foam type soap liquid, dilution type hand soap etc. cannot be used.
※Soap is not included.


Auto soap dispenser

The amount just for one dose comes out automatically

The hands after going out are full of various things such as dirt and bacteria.
This products dispenses soap automatically just by holding hands to the sensor, so there is no need to touch to the tap and the soap with dirty hands.
It dispenses the amount for one dose, so there is no worry about dispensing too much.
It will be very useful for the daily habit of hand washing!

It dispenses about 1.5ml of the soap automatically just by holding hands, so it is easy to use for even children.
This dispenser is pump type, so it has more power to squeeze the soap liquid than the sucking type.

It is perfect for small children for whom it is hard to use the press type dispenser.
Liquid soap and hand soap can be used with this dispenser.


Product size
Product weight
AAA battery 4pcs (sold separately)
Maximum capacity
Barcode number
SD-904WT : 4536117 021776

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