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  • PW-100WT PW-100WT

PW-100 Portable Bidet “Handy Shower”HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS

You can keep clean your bottom when like going out and traveling any time.

・Can be used when changing baby`s or nursing diapers

・There are 2 mode : Strong mode and Soft mode

・ Angle of spray head can be turned up to 180°

・Convenient auto-off function (1 min)

・Battery included

Portable Bidet "Handy Shower"


Skin-friendly Handy Shower

Electric type which is operated automatically.
Electric type allows to spray water just by pressing a button.
Water spray washes the bare skin since water spray is stable for 60 sec. It is easier to control than a manual type that is difficult to produce intermittent shower, and it can be used easily.

You can choose two washing mode – HIGH (strong) or LOW (soft) according to your preference. For delicate babies, when soft mode is used with the tip nozzle removed, the softer water comes out and it can be used gentle on the skin.

You can use the tap water, but it becomes a hot-water shower if you use warm water (up to 40 ℃).

How to use a handy washer

Person who wants to use secretly in the toilet also puts it in a handbag and can carry it.

It can be used on a daily basis for traveling, changing baby’s diaper, and pet’s buttocks on a daily basis.

Assembled when you want to use it, convenient to use a bit because you can store it compactly when you finish using it.

The capacity is 140 ml. It is enough capacity in one wash.

  2 mode to choose
You can choose the washing strength in two modes, HIGH (Strong) and LOW (Soft).

Nozzle that can be removed
You can use it with the nozzle removed, changing the angle of spay with the nozzle removed

  Easy angle adjustment
The angle of the nozzle can be adjusted up to 180 ° and it can be pulled out without touching the nozzle.

Waterproof function
Waterproof specification allows to use it also in water(IPX4).

  Convenient compact size
A portable bidet that can be carried in a bag


Product size
W49×D49×H161mm (when stored)
Product weight
AAA battery 2pcs
Drip proof specification
Maximum capacity
Discharge amount
Strong 3.5 ml /s
Weak 2.0 ml /s
Auto power off
1 min
Barcode number
PW-100WT : 4536117 026498

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