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Small and lightweight, easy operation

  • Compact size and lightweight pulse oximeter allows for great portability
  • Easy operation and easy to read red LED display
  • Auto shut-off function
Pulse Oximeter
Pink, Blue

Pulse Oximeter

Familiar medical device to know your body condition
Pulse oximeter is an equipment to measure your SpO2 (Blood oxygen saturation level).
You can check your SpO2 and pulse rate with only pinching it to your finger.
It is necessary item to understand the health status as it is also used in hospitals, moreover it can be used by a variety uses such as mountain climbing, home care and physical condition management before working out.
Convenient wrist strap is included.

Easy operation : you just place this pulse oximeter on your finger

This pulse oximeter can be used when going out as well.

You can measure SPO2 and heart rate by placing it on your finger.
This pulse oximeter emit the light, which displays your oxgen saturation level after observing the degree of redness of the arterial blood.
This pulse oximeter that is small enough to fit in your hand and lightweight of 23g allows for optimal portability.
Besides, it is also recomended for taking care of children who has asthma if they weigh over 25kg even though they are elementary school students.

For daily health care.


Recommended for health care, nurcing care, exercise.

You may use it in various cases when the breathing is difficult, before and after exercising, checking the physical condition of the elderly and home care.
It is easy to read display since the blood oxygen saturation value and pulse rate are displayed large.
Moreover, it is also excellent in visibility with LED indication.


Press the power button to turn on the power.

Pinch the clip part and place your finger’s belly down on the finger holder until it touches the back.


When pulse is detected, blood oxygen saturation lelvel and pulse rate are displayed. Automatically the power off when you remove your finger.


Rubber that is attached to the finger holder allows you to do not hurt your finger.

  Compactness which does not get in the way even putting it in your bag. Easy to carry.

A strap is included to be carried.

  Features auto shut-off to turns it off automatically when the finger removed.


Product size
Product weight
23g (Battery not included)
AAA batterry 2pcs
Measurement method
2 wavelength absorbance method
Display method
Measurable range
Barcode number
OX-200PK : 4536117 027013
OX-200BL : 4536117 027020
Medical device authentication number

About the product

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