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TB-314 Sound wave tyepe electric toothbrushHEALTHCARE PRODUCTS

Drip-proof type – can be used with wet hands

  • High-speed vibration of approx. 22,000 times / min 
  • The body does not roll so that the head does not touch to the bottom
  • Brush well with the ultrafine brush to prevent periodontal disease
  • The body stands independently
Sound wave tyepe electric toothbrush
White, Pink, Blue

Speedy tooth brushing with sound wave vibration

Why do not you try electric toothbrush for daily tooth brushing?
Sound sonic vibration toothbrush makes high speed vibration which is impossible for hand brushing, and brushes the interdental gaps and teeth surface.
You can make the teeth shiny in short time.
Furthermore, the brush part only can be replaced easily, so you can use it for a long time.


Brush Vibration of 22,000 times per minute

It is characterized by the vibration of 22,000 times / min and the ultrafine brush which does not tax the gums.
Thin brush hair that jumped removes well the dental plaque of fine parts such as the interdental gap and the periodontal pocket easily.

Light, easy to grip, drip-proof specification

It starts vibrating just by pushing the switch. The slim body is easy to grip, and it weighs about 35g only, so it is easy to use.
Even if placed on the desk, it does not roll so that the brush part does not touch to the bottom. And it is designed to stand.
It uses battery, but it is drip-proof specification so that you can use it safely in washroom.

Prevent rolling of the main body

It does not roll when placed on the desk, so the brush part does not touch to the bottom.

Easy removal

The brush parts can be easily removed, so it is easy to replace.



Product size
Product weight
24g (Battery not included)
AAA battery 1pc (Sold separately)
Barcode number
TB-314WT : 4536117 025804
TB-314PK : 4536117 025811
TB-314BL : 4536117 025828

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