• PO-350SV
  • PO-350SV2
  • PO-350GD
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  • PO-350SV PO-350SV
  • PO-350SV2 PO-350SV2
  • PO-350GD PO-350GD
  • PO-350PK PO-350PK
  • PO-350WT PO-350WT
  • PO-350BK PO-350BK
  • PO-350RD PO-350RD
  • PO-350BL PO-350BL

PO-350 Electric kettle “Grabe” 1.0LKITCHEN PRODUCTS

"The 85th International Gift Show Spring 2018 LIFE×DESIGN “Best Concept Prize” winner. Electric Drip Kettle, easy to adjust the amount to pour. "

  • One switch to boil, easy operation
  • The lump lights while boiling
  • Cordless type to carry anywhere
  • No use of fire, safe way to boil water
  • Boil dry protection
Electric kettle "Grabe" 1.0L
Silver (Mirror), Silver (Hairline), Gold, Pink, White, Black. Red, Blue

Drip kettle, easy to control the amount of water

Drip kettle is indispensable if you want to brew drip coffee like one which served in cafeteria.
Thin spout enables to pour to the center of the dripper and makes adjusting the amount of water easy.
Recommendable for those who brew hand drip coffee for the first time.
Boil water just by pushing the button, then you can enjoy coffee time easily.


Best for dripping, thin spout

Easy to adjust the amount of water

If you want to enjoy authentic coffee at home, it’s good to use drip kettle.
Gentle curve and thin spout help to drip controlling the amount of water.
The diameter of the spout is only 8mm. The thinner the spout is, the more easily you can adjust the pouring.
It can boil water from one cup to 1L at most. You can prepare hot water by required amount in a few minutes.
Enjoy authentic hand drip coffee with this electric kettle!

Start boiling water just by pushing the switch

No use of fire, safety way to boil water.
It doesn’t use fire, and turn off the switch automatically when finished boiling. No need to worry about boil dry.
Useful for busy time in the morning, or short break time.

Stainless design to choice as you like

 Video of Electric kettle “Grabe” 1.0L here


Detachable lid, easy to pour water into the pot.

  Division of MAX is standard for pouring water.

The lump lights while boiling. The power and the lump turns off when finish the boiling.

  Just turn on the switch to boil water.


Product size
Product weight
885g (Including power supply stand)
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Code length
Maximum capacity
Barcode number
PO-350SV : 4536117 027075
PO-350SV2 : 4536117 027082
PO-350GD : 4536117 027099
PO-350PK : 4536117 028225
PO-350WT : 4536117 028539
PO-350BK : 4536117 028652
PO-350RD : 4536117 028614
PO-350BL : 4536117 028546

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