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  • PO-349BK PO-349BK
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PO-349 Electric kettle “Gourd”KITCHEN PRODUCTS

Beautiful form to pour water elegantly.

  • One switch to boil, easy operation
  • The lump lights while boiling
  • Cordless type to carry anywhere
  • No use of fire, safe way to boil water
  • Boil dry protection
Electric kettle "Gourd"
Black, White, Gold

Easy-to-pour, and good design stainless kettle

Easy & safe electric kettle with impressive design like teapot.
The shape of the spout is designed to enable to control easily the amount of water.
You can pour shortly for drip, and vigorously for brewing tea.
1.0L size, good for 1-2 people.


Swan-necked drip kettle

Able to control widely the amount of water.

You can adjust in more various way the amount of water, make it heavy, thin, or dripping.
So that you can use it in various way; instant noodle, tea, and coffee.

Boil water when need it, by required amount.

No use of fire, safety way to boil water.
It doesn’t use fire, and turn off the switch automatically when finished boiling. No need to worry about boil dry.


Curvy form grace your kitchen


Video of Electric kettle “Gourd” here


Detachable lid, easy to pour water into the pot.

  Division of MAX is standard for pouring water.

The lump lights while boiling. The power and the lump turns off when finish the boiling.

  Just turn on the switch to boil water.


Product size
Product weight
800g (Including power supply stand)
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Code length
Maximum capacity
Barcode number
PO-349BK : 4536117 026696
PO-349WT : 4536117 027181
PO-349GD : 4536117 027198

About the product

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