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PO-146 Electric kettle “Mollis”KITCHEN PRODUCTS

A double structure of the main body of this product is hard to get hot.

  • With a thermal insulation effect, can keep warm even after long time.
  • Room temperature 25℃,maximum of 1 L, Water temperature can keep at
  • 85℃ after boiling for 30 minutes.
  • Seamless and no bump inside, Easy to clean
  • The length of power cord is adjustable.
Electric kettle "Mollis"
White, Black, Blue



Thermal insulation effect by double structure, it is not easy to get cold.

Just turn on the switch to boil water, very convenient electric kettle.
A double structure which is hard to get hot even touching the mian body of the kettle.
The water is hard to get cold then normal kettle, due to received by plastic and stainless material.


Eary to get pleasure structure

Seamless structure , Easy to use.

Seamless stainless structure
No seam and no bump inside stainless structure
Can be washed that sponges do not getting caught easily.

Double structure of plastic and stainless
Boil up to maximum of 1 L

Seamless structure , Easy to use.

Just turn on the switch to boil water,
The lump notifies boiling

Three cuts in the stand, so the length of power cord is adjustable



Product size
Product weight
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Code length
約 1.2m
Maximum capacity
Barcode number
PO-146WT:4536117 029680
PO-146BK:4536117 029703
PO-146BL:4536117 029697

About the product

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