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PO-144 Electric kettle “Tall”KITCHEN PRODUCTS

Big size to boil large amount of water


  • One switch to boil, easy operation
  • No use of fire, safe way to boil water
  • Auto off function for safety & economy
  • The lid can be opened easily with one hand
  • Boil dry protection
Electric kettle "Tall"


1250W High Power Kettle

Boil water just pushing the switch
Electric kettle is useful for boiling water by required amount, but sometimes may need large amount in one time.
Large size of 1.7L is good for family with 4 people or more, or serving tea at office.
With its high power of 1250W, it takes only about 8 minutes and 40 seconds to boil 1.7L, and only 80 seconds for one cup, 140ml. Useful for when busy.


No use of fire, safe way to boil water.

Design with safety function.

The switch lights in blue while boiling, and go off when finished.
Includes auto off function, to switch off automatically when boiled. No need to wait before the kettle.
Boil dry protection is included for safety.
The bottom will not be hot, so it can be put on the table.

Useful one-touch openable lid.


Filter to prevent dust. Detachable, useful to wash.

Window with division to check the amount of water above the switch.


The lump lights while boiling, and turns off automatically and the lump goes off when it’s finished.


Product size
Product weight
930g (Including power supply stand)
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Code length
Maximum capacity
Barcode number
PO-144WT : 4536117 026849
PO-144BK : 4536117 026856

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