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DF-708 Aroma diffuser “Ravitour”LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS

For healing fragrant room

  • Vintage color – looks attractive with the interiors.
  • Boil dry protection
  • Simple operation: Switch just by pressing the body
Aroma diffuser "Ravitour"
Ivory, Red, Brown

Relax with the mist rising into the air
Aroma diffuser with slim body and straight nozzle.
Just watching the mist shaking and rising upwards will heal you.
Mist rises high, so the fragrance is easy to spread throughout the room.

It is compact size that can be placed on the desktop, you can enjoy aroma in your favorite places such as living room, entrance, and bedroom.
You can choose from 3 colors of ivory, red, brown according to the place to put.
It is perfect for gifts for friends and family.

Ultrasonic aroma diffuser
Pour water and a few drops of essential oil into the tank and turn the switch on, the fragrance of aroma will spread.
It makes mist by ultrasonic vibration and spreads the fragrance of aroma with mist.
It is not hot and silent while operating, so you can use it on your desk.
You can choice from 2 modes; continuous operating mode or intermittent operating mode (5 sec operation, 8 sec pause)

Remove the cover and pour water until the MAX line. Add 2~3 drops of aroma oil.
※Please use aroma oil which is made of 100% natural ingredients.
Put the cover and plug in, and turn the power on by pressing the body from above.
(Press down)


LED light

You can see the operation condition from the color of lump (green, orange, red).

Switch on by pressing the body

The switch is at the bottom, so the power turns on by pressing down the body. If press down it again, the mode will be switched to intermittent operation.

Boil dry protection

Includes boil dry protection for safety. It turns off automatically when the water runs out.

Compact size

It can be put anywhere.



Product size
Product weight
AC adapter(100V~240V 50/60Hz)
Code length
Maximum capacity
Continuous operation time
3 hours (at maximum water level)
Intermittent operation time
9 hours
(5 seconds operation at maximum water volume / 8 seconds stop)
DF-708IV : 4536117 025385
DF-708RD : 4536117 025392
DF-708BR : 4536117 025408

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