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CM-100 Coffee Maker RelacafeKITCHEN PRODUCTS

Extract the tast by shower drip

  • No need paper filter – ecological meshfilter
  • Heat insulating function
  • Extractable 5 cups of coffee at most. Clear water level display window
Coffee Maker Relacafe

Make every morning coffee more convenient

Why don’t you start with Relacafe enjoying coffee for breakfast with all your family?
It’s a compact coffee maker that makes it easy to enjoy 2 to 5 cups of coffee.
Normally it takes tools and time to make drip coffee, but relacafe drips automatically.
You can easily prepare freshly brewed coffee even in a busy time in the morning. It is perfect for enjoying coffee by several people at home or at the office.

Able to drip 2-5 cups



No need paper filter!
Clean & economical
Mesh filter take the place of paper filter.
Measure coffee grounds with the attached measure spoon and put it into the filter.
It can be reused so that it’s economical. The filter is detachable and easy to clean.
※You can remove the mesh filter and use paper filter too.

Heat insulating function

You can always enjoy hot coffee!
You can enjoy always hot coffee with the heat insulating function.
After brewing, it will be kept 80℃ as long as the power on.
The glass pot is thermostable, and you can carry to the table after brewing.
Not only hot coffee, you can enjoy iced coffee easily.
※Recommendable time to use the heat insulation: up to 15 minutes (not to lose the flavor)



Detachable filter, useful to wash. Includes measuring spoon.

  Bring out the umami with a shower drip, pouring water evenly into the coffee ground.

With coffee server not set firmly it will not be extracted.

  Extractable 5 cups of coffee at most. Clear water level display window.


Product size
Product weight
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Code length
Drip type (water container integrated type)
Heat insulating device
Maximum capacity
Barcode number
CM-100BK : 4536117 027150

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