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VC-303 Cyclone Cleaner “Clean Storm EX”LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS

Convenient for high-place cleaning with the telescopic pipe

  • 2 way type – can be used as handy type
  • Easy garbage disposal by one push
  • Telescopic pipe – convenient for high-place cleaning
Cyclone Cleaner "Clean Storm EX"
White, Brown

Ideal stick type cleaner for quick cleaning

A stick-type cyclone cleaner that can be taken out and used immediately when you find rubbish or dust.
The compact and stylish design is perfect for one room apartment.
It is lighter than the canister vacuum cleaner, only 1.95 kg and it is easy to handle even for women.
It may make cleaning fun.


Catch the dusts tightly with powerful suction power

Clean up clearly and beautifully

It is a code type stick cleaner that does not need to worry about running time and charging.
The suction power is enough to leave a mark by cleaning up the fine powder likened to dust.
It has enough power as the main cleaner.
Moreover, it is silent design despite its powerfulness ― the sound is smaller than 75dB, it is lower than our conventional product (80 dB).


It will make cleaning places hard to reach more comfortable.

Useful for cleaning gaps in furniture

With a wide range of motion that you can lay the cleaner to 180 degrees, you can clean under the furniture such as sofa and bed without stress.
Rollers are attached to the main body so that the floor will not be scratched when it is laid and moved.


Stick & Handy which widens the range of cleaning

Useful for cleaning of small space by adding the brush nozzle

2 in 1 specification: stick type for everyday cleaning & handy type for sofa and small space.
You can also clean various parts such as sash and air conditioner filter by attaching “brush nozzle”.
And you can easily clean up high places with the extendable pipe.


You can throw away the trash without touching it

Easy-to-clean cyclone type

The cyclone type cleaner stores dust in dust cup by separating it into dust and air while rotating sucked air.
It is difficult to clog the filter by sucking dust like a tornado, there is no need to clean every time.
By pushing the button under the dust cup, it is easy to throw away the trash without touching it.
Dirty dust cups and filters can be washed in water and can be used repeatedly.


Video of Cyclone Cleaner “Clean Storm EX” here


Cyclone type – it stores dust in dust cup by separating it into dust and air while rotating sucked air.

The head can be laid to 180 degree.

The long cord (4.8m) makes it easy to clean the room.

Dust cup, filter and filter cover can be washed in water.

A brush nozzle is included.
The brush will be pulled out by pushing the button at the tip of the brush.

The roller prevents from scratching the floor when it is laid to 180 degrees.


Product size
Product weight
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Code length
Dust collection capacity
Operating temperature range
Barcode number
VC-303WT : 4536117 028157
VC-303BR : 4536117 028164

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