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VC-300 Cyclone cleaner “Clean Storm”LIFESTYLE PRODUCTS

High power & light stick cleaner

  • High power & light stick cleaner
  • It can be used as handy vacuum cleaner by removing the handle pipe
  • Head bends up and down, left and right
  • Dust will be separated by the cyclone
Cyclone cleaner "Clean Storm"
White, Black, Pink

Recommendable for those who lives alone or as the second cleaner

Compared with canister type vacuum cleaner, it is much slimmer and more compact.
Since the head is attached directly to the body, it has good operability.
Stylish design and slim body is perfect for one-room apartment.
It has much stronger suction power than codeless type that needs charging.
It sucks up small dust with sufficient suction power.

Light model, easy to operate for women

The biggest advantage of stick type is that you can quickly clean up when you want.
Since it needs neither to be pulled the main body nor to be lifted up, you can clean smoothly.
Just put it in the corner of the room when finished the cleaning.
Even those who think that cleaning is troublesome may have fun.

Power enough to be active as the main vacuum cleaner

You may have an image that the stick type cleaner is for the second model next to the canister type.
However, this cleaner has a suction power of about 100W, and it has sufficient power as a main vacuum cleaner.
If you clean the fine powder which is considered as dust, you can see the sucked traces clearly.
※Because of the strong suction power, you may feel difficult to move it on a carpet.

Easy to clean wall-side with moving head to the left and right

You can clean comfortably even in areas where it is difficult to clean such as under furniture and wall-side, because the head moves right and left.
If you remove the handle and the head from the main body, it changes to a handy type.
Attaching the nozzles, you can clean the sashes easily.

Structure designed not to be clogged with dust

Adopted a cyclone system where dust and dirt can be thrown away without touching garbage
It is difficult for the filter to get clogged by drowning garbage in a tornado-like shape, and there is no need to clean every time.
Dust cups and filters can be washed in water and can be used repeatedly.


Color to choose according to the interior

The cord stored neatly

The cord length: approx. 4.5 m
The cord can be wind around in no use.

Clean well with cyclone type

Cyclone type stores dust in dust cup by separating it into dust and air by rotating like a tornado.

Easy cleaning under the furniture

Easy cleaning under furniture with flexible head

As a handy cleaner for little cleaning

Remove the handle and the head, and it can be used as a handy cleaner.


Product size
Product weight
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Code length
Dust collection capacity
Operating temperature
Barcode number
VC-300WT : 4536117 025316
VC-300BK : 4536117 025323
VC-300PK : 4536117 025330

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