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PR-321 Charger Radio LightLIFESTYLE PRODUCTS

You can charge smartphone & cellular phone just by plugging

・You can charge smartphone and cellular phone just by plugging to USB, without turning the handle.

※However, only when using new 3 AAA alkaline batteries or when the internal rechargeable battery is fully charged

・Includes LED light, usable as flashlight

・Includes siren function convenient in case of disaster

・It can be connected to PC for recharging

※Apple, Apple Logo, iPhone, iPad and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. which are registered in USA and other countries.

Compatible models of cellular phone & smartphone

Digital 3.6~3.7V (DoCoMo, SoftBank, au)
→List of compatible models

Charger Radio Light
Black, White



Gather information on radio even at power failure

Compatible with FM/AM radio

It is difficult to gather information from outside using cellular phone or TV in those cases of earthquake or power failure.
But radio needs only power supply to listen the information, so it is convenient in emergency.
It can get power from internal recharging battery, hand charging or alkaline batteries, so there is no needs to worry about interrupting.
In addition, it includes wide FM function that AM radio can be heard with FM radio waves. If a major disaster happens, you can use FM radio waves to collect information even if AM waves do not arrive.

It can charge iPhone too

It can be also used as charger

The radio light is also useful for charging cellular phone, which is necessary to communicate information with your family.
Cellular phone, smartphone and iPhone can be charged by using internal rechargeable battery, alkaline batteries or hand charging.
You can charge them just by connecting the Radio Light and the cellular phone with the USB cable and charging cable.




Product size
Product weight
Rechargeable battery : DC 3.6V 300mAh
(Nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery 3 packs built-in)
Battery : DC 4.5V
(AAA battery 3pcs)
※ batteries are not included
Output terminal
Headphone jack:3.5Φ mini jack 1pc
USB terminal:1pc
Reception frequency
Diameter 4 cm Round type 8Ω 1pc
1 charge cable
Barcode number
PR-321BK : 4536117 025231
PR-321WT : 4536117 026290

About the product

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