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BS-200 Body scale 200kgHEALTHCARE PRODUCTS

Capable of weighing up to 200kg

  • Capable of weighing up to 200kg
  • Large platform – easy to use
  • The data is displayed while 20 seconds after measurement
  • Back light – easy to see
  • Power on just by riding on the platform
  • Auto off to save battery life
Body scale 200kg

■Sufficient for sumo wrestler! Check the video■


Tough & stable weighing!

Capable weighing up to 200kg.

Large platform – easy to use

Body scale designed for those who weigh over 150kg to check the weight at home.
Capacity of normal body scale: 150kg Capacity of BS-200: 200kg!
Tough & stable weighing is realized by tempered glass and large platform.
Easy to ride on even for those who weigh over 150kg or who has big feet.
The power turn on and weighing begins automatically by riding on the platform.


Useful for nursing care and

body management of children.

The measurement value displayed flashing for 20 seconds

Useful to weigh holding baby or pet with capacity of 200kg.
The measured value will be displayed flushing for 20 seconds, so you have enough time to check it.
The back light display with shinning letters makes it easy to see well in day and night.


Beautiful glass top design


High-quality mirror line

Simple design with line on the body
Mirror material makes an image of high-quality
White and black colors fit to bathroom


Tough design with thick glass top.


Large platform enough for big feet to ride on


Easy to see with back light display

Simple & clean design with glass top and mirror line.


Product size
Product weight
AAA battery 4pcs
Minimum display
15 to 100 kg or less: 0.1 kg
100 kg and 200 kg or less: 0.2 kg
Weighing range
Barcode number
BS-200BK:4536117 029161
BS-200WT:4536117 029420

About the product

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