• HM-804IV
  • HM-804IV HM-804IV

HM-804 Hand blender “Cook Stick”KITCHEN PRODUCTS

Supports cooking widely with 4 roles


  • No need force, easy to use for women.
  • Useful to various recipe with 2 kinds of speed.
  • Includes plastic guard to prevents damage the container.
  • Dedicated cup with nonslip silicone easy to fix.
Hand blender "Cook Stick"

Hand blender will help daily cooking!

Multipurpose hand blender with chopper and whipper added to a popular hand blender that makes it easy to “mix” and “crush” ingredients.
It will help to make minced vegetables or fluffy whip cream, and can accommodate a wide range of dishes.
Not only can laborious tasks be easily done, but it also reduces time, so everyday cooking will be easier.
It is also recommended for mothers to make baby food and gifts.

Light body, easy-to-use for women

Stick type – easy to grip

Mashing & mixing is laborious by hand, but it will be easy with hand blender!
It’s stick type which is easy to grip. You can make smoothie and baby food without force.
Moreover, it doesn’t take much space for storage. It can be put upright, or separated the body and the blender part.

Multipurpose – 4 roles!

Blender, chopper, whipper and dedicated cup set

It is not only a blender, but also it can be used as chopper and whipper.
It can be used in 4 ways – mash, mix, chop, and whip, just by changing the parts according to what you want to cook.

It will expand your repertory of recipe!

Mash and mix ingredients! Useful for making baby food.

Recommendable for making baby food in

Mashing, mixing and chopping is indispensable for making baby food.
If you use hand blender, you can make grated rice gruel, mash and paste of vegetables quickly.

You can use in pots directory, easy to make preparations.

Use the dedicated cup to make smoothie and dressing

The blender can be used directory in pots and bowls. You can cook with smooth and reduce washing. The blender is made of plastic not to damage the pots. Useful cup for making smoothie is included.


Video of Hand blender “Cook Stick” here

The speed is adjustable in 2 grades according to the recipe.

Plastic cover not to damage the container like bowl while mixing.

Includes dedicated cup of 700ml. Rubber at the bottom not to slip.

You can change the attachment to chopper or whipper.


Product size
Product weight
Power source
AC100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption
"When using a blender · chopper : 150 W
When using a whipper : 60 W
(Power consumption varies depending on hardness and amount of ingredients cooked)"
Rated time
"When using a blender · chopper : 1 min
When using a whipper : 3 min"
Code length
Dedicated cup capacity
Barcode number
HM-804IV : 4536117 027815

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